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Bathroom Tiles Trends in 2019

Are you in the process of planning a modern bathroom upgrade? Good choice.

The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most used rooms in the home and can provide a sense of luxury that helps you forget about the stresses of modern life. Moreover, it is a room that requires far less capital to generate stunning appearances while the investment can actively add to the appeal and financial value of the property. One of the hardest challenges, though, is knowing where to start. Quite frankly, your best bet is to start with the flooring and wall bathroom tiles.

Here are the hottest trends and materials for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

Marble effect tiles

The marble look is one that’s synonymous with luxury, class, and quality. However, decorating even a small bathroom with marble floors can be expensive – not to mention difficult due to the weight of tiles. So, why not opt for marble effect tiles instead?

Marble effect tiles offer the same level of style as authentic marble, but cost a fraction of the price. In fact, many homeowners prefer this option as every tile boast the same colour. Conversely, if you use two batches of genuine marble tiles, there will be a noticeable change in colours and patterns between the two solutions. From an aesthetic perspective as well as a financial one, this is a far smarter option.

The marble effect tiles look great on the walls as well as the flooring and work particularly well with both white furnishings and metallic taps, whether they are silver or gold. They suit contemporary bathrooms very well.

Subway tiles

Subway tiles are characterised by their big, bulky, designs that stand out from the crowd. While they are built to replicate the brickwork used in public spaces, they bring a distinct touch of modern minimalism to the home bathroom.

In most cases, subway tiles are light coloured (greys and whites) to help reflect the light and bring a happy atmosphere to the bathroom. They can be complemented to perfection with natural tones in the towels and the use of plants. Their versatility, however, means that they can be incorporated into themed bathrooms such as coastal, farmhouse, etc. to make a massive statement without shouting out for attention.

Subway tiles are another solution that are perfect for the walls and can be utilised as flooring too. They have become an increasingly popular solution in recent times and will continue to thrive throughout the rest of the year and into 2020.

Navy blue tiles

Blue colour schemes are a winner in any bathroom, whether it’s opting for a modern finish or a traditional look. Navy blue tiles bring a depth to the walls and are capable of creating some truly stunning mosaics through patterns and block colours alike.

Navy blue works particularly well as a feature wall, particularly when teamed with navy blue vanities. White and copper are great colour palette options for creating a luxurious contrast that’s sure to create a striking appearance time and time again. Navy towels and other items can be used to further enhance the overall vibe while a navy blue door sets the tone to perfection before entering the modern space.

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Choose The Right Kitchen Floor Tiles

kitchen floor tiles

When you are thinking about remodelling you kitchen, every detail matters. Besides their clear aesthetic appeal, kitchen floor tiles are becoming a much more popular choice in 2018 for a variety of reasons. Here, we’re going to look at everything that porcelain tiles have to offer the modern kitchen, and why you ought to consider making the switch that does your kitchen a whole world of good.

Easy to clean

Porcelain matt tiles are much easier to clean and to keep looking gorgeous that the vast majority of other materials. While they are a natural tile, they hide smudges, stains, and spills. Dirt and liquids sit on the surface, rather than sinking in. This means that cleaning is not needed as frequently and, when it is needed, they aren’t susceptible to soap marks. For this reason, matt tiles are a perfect choice for a busy kitchen, where there are plenty of footprints and spillages.

Come in all sizes

Depending on the amount of floor space available, you may have some concerns about tiles. If the space is too large, you will have to install a lot more tiles, which might make the room look a lot more visually messy. That isn’t a concern, however, as there are just as many large size kitchen floor tiles available. You can create a much more even distribution which highlights the spaciousness of the room as opposed to cluttering it. Larger tiles can even help smaller rooms look a lot bigger.

Keeping up with the trends

There are a variety of new trends in 2018 making kitchens pop more than ever. Natural materials are in, meaning that porcelain is more stylish than ever. Thanks to the variety of styles that kitchen floor tiles come in, you can get the trendy appeal of pure white, bolder, and warmer colours, as well as the thriving popularity of mosaic patterns. Whether you want to accentuate the clean lines of a contemporary kitchen or to match the natural appeal of a granite or quartz counter top, tiles are versatile enough to help you bring whatever trend you want in your kitchen to life.

A solid investment

Besides being easy to clean, floor tiles are also extremely long-lasting and hard-wearing. Most floor tiles will last much longer than carpets, laminates, and wood without any marks or imperfections and require much less maintenance to help them keep that way. What’s more, if you’re modernising the kitchen with technology like underfloor heating, porcelain tiles are perfect. They conduct the heat well without warping or wearing thanks to the heat, making your kitchen both cleaner and warmer in the winter. Besides the money you save in replacements, tiles have a lasting appeal that can help boost the overall value of the kitchen.

Kitchen tiles for the floor can be an easy yet immediately noticeable way to update both the look and the function of the most important room of the home. Take your time browsing the many styles available and find the one that best brings the character you want your kitchen to have.

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Tiles For Small Bathroom


The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. This room is often a place to relax and escape the cares of the day. A well decorated bath can create a much needed sense of calmness. It can also increase the resale value of the home. Each element should work together in true harmony. In a smaller area, the use of tiles are particularly crucial. Tiles will set the stage for everything else in the room. Today’s homeowners have many tile choices. For a relatively smaller space, it’s a good idea to think about several factors before starting the search for the right price bathroom tiles.

The Size of the Tiles


Tiles come in many shapes and sizes. Large format bathroom tiles, for example, can help any room feel larger. Large format bathroom tiles can be used even in a smaller place to help create a sense of drama the second the user steps inside. This is great way to start out with a blank canvas that looks very modern and has a strong contemporary feel to it. Smaller porcelain tiles can also be used to great effect in the same space. A series of smaller porcelain tiles can be paired with larger tiles to give the feel of movement to the user. Varied tile sizes can also help create interest in a room that might otherwise feel bland and lacking in detail. Check out Bathroom Tile Design Trends for 2018.

Your Bathroom Color

white and wood effect tiles for bathroom

Another concern is color. Color is another way to help add color and character to a room that might not have many features. A single vivid color such as cobalt blue works well when paired with lighter shades. For a really small powder room, many people stick with fairly neutral colors. Neutral colors such as grey and beige add a soft feel to the room and help bring in more light. Bright white is a particularly good choice in an area that does not have any windows or another source of natural light. Bathroom tiles in a much darker color such as black add a classical feel that is also modern at the same time. Wood effect tiles combined with beige or concrete effect tiles are also a very popular solution.

The Bathroom’s Layout

modern bathrom white and grey

The bathroom’s fixtures and layout should also play a key role in the selection of any tiles. A diagonal tile pattern is often an excellent choice as it surprises the eyes and also draws attention to each feature in the room. Rectangular tiles can also be used to help create a sense of the unexpected and draw the eye upwards. A smaller room may only have a sink and a toilet. The use of unexpected shapes and directions for tile make the walls feel taller and the room feel bigger. Think about the fixtures as well. Sleek, modern fixtures pair best with tiles that also have a modern feel. Use more traditional tile shapes in rooms with vintage items. The goal is to use tiles to give a sense of truly pleasing order to the entire bathroom place. Whatever your preference, remember that Deco Stones is the leading bathroom tiles provider in Cork & Dublin (Ireland). Feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory consultation and quote.   

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Why Laminate Flooring

Why you Should Choose Laminate Flooring for your Home

Flooring has come a long way from the wood planks that required sanding, refinishing and sealing. Today’s options in floor covering can still give you a wood flooring look, but with many more benefits. Laminates are an example of a proven product that imitates wood and much more.

What is Laminate Flooring?Fiber board materials and resin are the primary products that make up laminate flooring. Sheets of photographic applique are sealed within a top layer that gives the appearance of wood. Popular throughout the world, laminate flooring in Ireland has become a growing trend. 

Durability of a Wooden Floor

The durability of wood laminate flooring gives homeowners the chance to have a real wood look while resisting scratches. It is also waterproof for all of those spills that happen in households. While real wood floors can expand and contract with changing weather conditions, laminated flooring Ireland does not fluctuated with seasonal temperatures. Laminate flooring can last up to 20 years when properly cared for. 

Little Maintenance

Because laminate wood flooring remains flat and structurally sound, the surface is easy to sweep and mop. There are no cracks and crevices where dirt can hide and harbor bacteria. In addition, allergies have been known to decrease due to the absence of airborne dust particles. Pet hair is easily removed with only regular sweeping. 


The process of creating laminate flooring is simple and offers any picture of specific wood or stone type that your decor may require. From dark mahogany to light pine, any look can be made to bring beauty to a room. Different shades of wood are simple to mix and match, providing a unique look throughout the house. 

DIY Installation

There are no costly installation fees with laminated flooring. Simple instructions and an underlayment that provide moisture and sound-reducing properties make the job a snap. Some laminate flooring is as easy as peeling and sticking to a dry surface. Others come in tongue and groove planks which are tapped into place for a secure hold. Because the cost of labor can be eliminated, the price of laminated wood flooring is very cost-efficient to homeowners. 

Laminate Flooring – summary

New technology has improved the way that wood floors are available to the public. If you are looking for a great looking floor, one that offers versatility in design and is user-friendly, laminate flooring could be the option that you need. Look at the different designs on the market today and turn your home into a showplace that is simple to maintain and enjoy.